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Have I mentioned I have an affinity for vintage place setting elements? Or maybe you already noticed that. From dainty detailed plates to vintage linens and lovely etched glassware- I am always on the lookout for a beautiful piece to bring home.

Vintage Wine Glasses & Other Glassware

The other day, we went out thrifting and stopped by several different thrift stores to find some treasures. I walked in and made a beeline to the kitchen and home area and stopped in my tracks when I saw stacks of beautiful vintage dishes, bowls, glasses and more. My daughter looked at me with that look. I said ‘What. I don’t need any more vintage dishes?’ She just grinned as I started picking them and looking them over. This is after we packed up the stacks of vintage that I had in the cottage kitchen when she moved there. So yes, I know that I don’t NEED any more vintage china or place setting elements- but define ‘need’. Is it a necessity to use or a necessity because it makes you happy? I think there is definitely a gray area there.

Vintage Plates Collection

Though I was fairly good. I didn’t bring home the set of Limoges on the shelf – the color was just a tad too bright and the price too high. I left the stacks of vintage bowls and the detailed platters that were a definitely maybe- but not a 100%. Remember that triple love rule? I do my best to go through with it though, I will admit, I don’t always and sometimes I am happy I just went for it and others, I think I should have asked myself if it was a love, love, love.

There were a few things that did instantly go into my cart. A vintage green candlestick holder, vintage rattan picnic casserole servers and yes, some vintage glassware.

Vintage Green Glassware

Did I mention I am literally obsessed with green at the moment? It’s like I see the green anything and it goes right into my cart. This was a set of 4 little vintage dessert dishes. Simple lines and details and a delicious lovely green that is not too vibrant and is a perfect color for summer tables. Usually, I like to err on the more is more when it comes to glassware- they tend to break and I love a long line on the table with place settings on repeat. But there were only 4 of these – so that is what I brought home.

Vintage Etched Glassware

I don’t always go for colorful when it comes to glassware. Sometimes it’s the simple details that speak to me. The knobby detail and fluting on the stem. The flare or roundness of the top of the glass. Or the beauty of the etchings that create a story all on their own. Remember I told you that when I went to pick up the red transferware set I found on the marketplace – the lady asked if I wanted any glassware too? Of course we looked at the box of it and one by one unwrapped each piece and found lovely little etched wine stems.

These have lovely little star flowers and what I call a ‘leaf garland’ type detail.

Why Use Colorful Or Etched Glassware

This isn’t the first time I have fallen for etched wine glasses. You might remember the ones I used for the cover table for my book Inspired Gatherings- they were another thrift store find and are favorites even now.

But why choose something like these etched glasses or colorful goblets for your next dinner party? The easy answer is Why Not. ha ha. The more detailed answers?

Number 1– Go with what you love. You love colorful goblets in all the shades on the table? Go for it. Or maybe you just like a chunky wine glass vs a dainty one. That is perfect too. There is no right or wrong look if you love it.

I think whimsical wine glasses that have a lovely stem, a detailed pattern or a bold color add so much charm to the table. Why not bring them out and use them and dazzle your guests? Even just those little dessert coupe’s- place those in the center of a plate as a little moment and watch the table come together.

Finding Vintage Wine Glasses

So how do you go about finding and deciding on a set of vintage glasses?

  1. I suggest stopping at the thrift stores to look through the glassware sections- and taking some time to really look. A glance might miss a whole lot of what is right in front of you that you don’t see because of that whole ‘forest for the trees’ thing. I almost missed some amazing pieces when I first looked and saw 4 shelves packed full of glasses that looked similar. I have learned to slow down and take a closer look.
  2. Look for goblets and glassware that are a color to impact on the table. Number one- toss out the idea that wine stems and goblets need to be simple and clear. Bring on the colors for a dazzling look on the table. Number 2- those colorful goblets are king in my book. I adore the green Madeira goblets I picked up a few months ago- and honestly, on the shelf, they just looked like dull glasses that were super dark and chunky. A few years ago, I might have walked by them and thought they were more suitable for a moody halloween table. But, I know more now and I have learned over the years to pick up glassware and look at it through a light to see more what the color will look like in daylight or candlelight.
  3. Anything etched- take a closer look. Etched glassware used to be a thing back in the day. It went out of favor for a more simple ‘modern’ design but it is being reproduced in a big way right now. But if And you know, whether you collect a few pieces here and there or a whole set- it is always going to be a beautiful look on the table in my opinion.
  4. Several sizes are a good thing. If I find a set of lovely glassware and there are 2 wine stem sizes plus a dessert wine and couple- I am putting them all in the cart. I like options.
  5. Dessert dishes or even coupe’s are often overlooked. In today’s everyday world- most people use a cereal bowl for ice cream or a dessert unless it is a special occasion. I say bring back those nostalgic pieces and use them and enjoy them.

Get the Look

You don’t have to wait years to find vintage glassware- you can shop online for them if you would like. Or as some folks have expressed concerns with lead in old glassware- you can shop for a lovely reproduction and get the look too.

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Happy Friday Favorites everyone!

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