Home improvement scam suspects arrested in Norwood

NORWOOD – Be it for solar panels, cable, or pest control… If you have a door and bell, you’ve probably heard it ring by someone trying to sell something.

“I can take care of that for you. Your yard will be beautiful, you live in the corner. It’ll increase the value of the house,” one Norwood neighbor recalled, of which she heard the offer.

But Norwood Police are warning of a specific type of solicitor, scammers offering home improvement jobs for cheap. Thanks to an alert neighbor, police arrested two suspects Tuesday near Harrow and Albemarle Roads.

“The two cruisers pulled up and stopped the gray pickup truck here at the stop sign,” a witness explained.

Investigators said the driver was a juvenile with an Irish accent, who had no license and gave a fake name. Inside the unmarked truck, were proposal receipts for customers in other towns.

“Oftentimes these people take a down payment, they’ll show up, there will be a flurry of activity and then they’re gone. When you call them they’ll say ‘we’ll come back but we need more materials,’ “Chief William Brooks said.

Norwood Police say they’ve seen an increase in this type of scam the last two years in town – and it’s happening all over. Saugus Police just put out a warning after an elderly neighbor paid more than $100,000 for unnecessary work.

“If you’ve ever tried to hire a contractor, you have to get on a list and wait a while for them to come out. Most contractors aren’t riding around saying, ‘hey it looks like your steps need work,'” Brooks pointed out.

Police warn to be aware of workers who say they’re “in the area,” have left over materials, or pressure for payment up front. Homeowners who suspect they’ve been scammed should call the police and their bank right away. Just recently another Norwood detective saved the victim of a roofing and chimney scam by acting fast – successfully blocking the $40,000 payment.