Retro kitty toilet brush stand is the perfect bathroom decoration for cat lovers

No matter how much you love your cat, restroom time means a (hopefully) momentary goodbye. Don’t worry though, you can at least let a kitty in with you in spirit with this adorable retro cat toilet brush stand from Japan.

EC00132_022. jpg
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The Retro Cute Cat Toilet Brush Stand is made of porcelain, and features an elegantly posed cat with a somewhat cheeky face that’s ready to hold onto your toilet brush or plunger, as well as brightening up the room with some feline charm.

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The Retro Cute Cat Toilet Brush Stand is available in both calico and pink “breeds” to match the layout of your restroom.

Of course, the stand could be alternatively used to hold umbrellas and similarly shaped objects as well.

Check out the Retro Cute Cat Toilet Brush Stand at grape SHOP. (We use WorldShopping Global. The grape SHOP page is in Japanese, but if you see the WorldShopping widget appear at the bottom of the page, that product can be shipped overseas).

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