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Easy Fresh Fruit Topped Cake

Delicious and simple & simply delicious- I love to make a beautiful cake for anytime of the year. This fresh fruit and flower topped rustic cake is one of my favorite desserts to serve. It always wow’s guests tastes amazing

Our MFCH tours for 2023

MFCH Lifestyle Tours

Oh my goodness, it feels so good to be back with a full schedule of MFCH Tours this year! In the Spring we took clients to Provence, and to Dordogne, and in the fall we covered Normandy and Paris. Still

our february box and a giveaway

I’m happy to announce our February box giveaway!

We are very excited about 2023 here at MFCH. The year ahead is looking good! We have wonderful subjects lined up for the Magazine; six amazing Tours planned around France, we’ll be