Nanyang Polytechnic presents 10 spatial design student projects

Dezeen School Shows: a kindergarten that encourages outdoor play and a ceramics studio designed to make visitors connect with their emotions included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Also included are an intergenerational cultural space designed

In the accessible design space, style is too often overlooked

The Missy’s House project in Northamptonshire, England, an endeavor to build a holiday rental home experience better suited for people who use wheelchairs.Handouts

When I severely broke my ankle last June, my autonomy was stripped in one fateful fall.

Maximalist Interior Design: Everything You Need to Know

Though maximalism of the Victorian era was often accomplished through decor and objects that weren’t accessible to everyone—think jeweled chandeliers or hand-carved furniture—none of these is a necessity for modern interpretations of maximalism. Now largely defined by brighter colors and

The Sunaks’ new look Downing Street is a sign of the North-South design divide

“In Harrogate, in interior design shops, the things on sale are often more vibrant and eclectic, more of a mish-mash of styles. The Harrogate shops weren’t necessarily following interior trends, whereas in London the shops tend to sell what’s in